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Jesus is Joy

I see Him laughing by the brook secretly cupping the water and pouring it over Peter.

Who can help but laugh at the Glorious Man seamless and running as the one He calls the Rock chases. Two men run through the forest trail until He allows him to catch the hem of His garment

and they fall in hilarious joy. The trees of this forest clap their hands and rejoice to host their God for a time. To feel His breath as His prayers sift through their branches like liquid gold and life, every cell crying out “He is here!” He gently touches a leaf as if remembering a garden He once knew. He slips off His shoes as the friends watch their faces serious and straining to understand what their Rabbi is teaching now in the cool waters of the Banias Falls. He bends down, scoops the frothy water and splashes them all.

“Come to me all you who are thirsty, come to the waters!” They have to laugh. Dropping bags and shoes and pride they run into the cool, water glade where the teacher waits smiling.

*My husband and I visited this lovely place in Israel called Banias Falls; set within The Banias Nature Reserve in Golan. It seems as if the dry landscape just caves into itself and become a lush valley of cool breezes, thunderous waterfall and white water. We just knew Jesus and the disciples had been here. The Lord showed us the nearby cattle and honey coming from an overhead rock, confirming to us His word that this is truly the land flowing with milk and honey.

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